Frequently Asked Questions

What is NACUSA?

NACUSA is the abbreviation for the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF COMPOSERS, USA. Founded in 1933, it is one of the oldest organizations devoted to the promotion and performance of music by Americans. Many of the most distinguished composers of the 20th Century have been NACUSA members. NACUSA sponsors several concerts each year which feature music by its 600 members. NACUSA is the successor to the National Association of Composers and Conductors.

The MID-SOUTH CHAPTER OF NACUSA is designed to promote music of composers in the Mid-South region of the United States. The chapter sponsors several concerts annually which feature various guest ensembles, soloist, lectures, and multi-media presentations. Currently based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, it provides compositional opportunities for local members as well as members outside the region. Since its creation in 1995 by founding members Al Benner, Dinos Constantinides, Mikel LeDee, Wallace McKenzie, Wieslaw Rentowski, and Mickie Willis, the Mid-South Chapter of NACUSA has presented numerous concert performances around the Baton Rouge and surrounding area including The Baton Rouge Art Gallery, Louisiana State University, Southeastern Louisiana University, and the LSU International Cultural Center.

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Do I have to become a Mid-South member to be a part of NACUSA?

No, but you do have to be at least be a member at the national level. NACUSA is a national organization allowing compositional opportunities nationwide to its members. Membership to the individual chapters (East Coast, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Tennessee, Virginia, and Mid-South) is optional, but recommended to be directly involved in regional activity. National membership entitles you to the newsletter, national website access, and other compositionally related opportunities. Chapter membership advantages vary from chapter to chapter. Contact your local NACUSA chapter for more information.

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How do I benefit from becoming a Mid-South Chapter member of NACUSA?

The Mid-South Chapter of NACUSA has presented over 60 concerts since its creation in 1995. That's almost four concerts per year (sometimes more) in our region, and with a small, but growing membership, every chapter member has an opportunity to have their works performed - and in most cases numerous times (see our Events section for specific concerts). Concerts in the past have been held in and around the Baton Rouge and Southeast Louisiana area by accomplished performers and guest artists.

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If I am a member of NACUSA, but not a Mid-South Chapter member, can I still have my works performed on Mid-South Chapter Concerts?

Unfortunately No. Because funding for performers comes entirely from paid Chapter Dues of the Mid-South members of NACUSA, we cannot provide performers for regular NACUSA members. The Mid-South Chapter encourages members in their area to be a Chapter members. Although this means paying additional dues for Chapter membership, Chapter dues go directly towards covering the costs associated with events.

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